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QTvan: Camping Out in World's Smallest Scooter Caravan

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QTvan: Camping Out in World's Smallest Scooter Caravan

Message par mbchoq le Mer 07 Fév 2018, 18:09

*source treehugger.com écrit par Kimberley Mok

Photos and video: Environmental Transport Association

An army of tents has amassed en route to Westminster Abbey in anticipation of this Friday's royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton. For some of those eagerly-awaiting observers who yearn for comfier and sturdier shelter, the micro-camper QTvan may be just what the doctor ordered. Touted as the world's smallest, it's quite compact and serves up a bunch of amenities inside if you need some hot tea or a space to catch a few winks, as you can see in this video tour:

It's designed by British company Environmental Transport Association with the elderly in mind, especially those that use a mobility scooter, so its towing speed is less than impressive. But it's supposed to be easily maneuverable in tight spaces like sidewalks and supermarkets -- and strangely enough, also includes a small flatscreen TV (which makes us wonder how theft-secure this little pod is). It can go around 30 miles on one charge with the mobility scooter. No word on exactly what materials -- green or not -- are used, but the ETA says it can be considered carbon neutral if you charge it with power from a green provider.

According to Caravan Times:

The diminutive caravan stands at just 2m x 75cm (79 x 30 inches) and comes with a tea making facilities, a drinks cabinet, a bed, alarm clock and there's even a 19" flat screen TV mounted on the far-side wall. There's 240v hook up and battery powered back-up lighting, but you won't be breaking any landspeed records, as the top outfit speed is just 5mph.

And the inspiration behind the name for such a 'cutie' camper?

The QTvan is so named because it caters to three peculiarly British obsessions: queuing, tea and caravans.

It's a bit pricey at £5,500 (US $9,145) and that's without the add-on options like solar panels, central heating and satellite dish, air horn, external luggage rack and gaming console. It's not nearly as cheap as building your own -- like this experimental microhouse that cost £1000 (US $1,672) to build -- but we appreciate the concept of such a mobile little camper like this. Now only if they'll make a version that could be pulled along by something faster (and preferably electric -- or maybe a bicycle).

Cliquez ici directement pour accéder au site web: Environmental Transport Association

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